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    Out of sync audio after capturing on Mac

      Hi, this is driving me crazy so if anyone could help me then that would be amazing. I'm a bit of a novice so bear with me and I'll keep it simple.

      Basically, I'm trying to capture DV video from my Sony PD150 on my Macbook Pro with a firewire cable. Everything goes fine but when I play back the video the audio is about 4/5 seconds out of sync.

      I am used to working on Premiere on a Windows laptop, and never have any problems, and am doing things exactly the same.

      Have tried starting the recording 30 secs into the tape in case of any glitches and still no luck. Have also tried turning off scene detection - still no luck.

      Any ideas? Thanks
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          Bill Seper Level 1
          Just thought I'd mention that I've seen a couple of posts like yours the past few days, and it seems like the guys who are using mov files are the ones having most of the audio sync issues. If it turns out to be a CS4 issue, then until they get it fixed you might want to try capturing with something else until they get the bug resolved. There are a number of free NLE's that are low on features but which are good enough to capture with and then import the files into CS4 afterwards. At least it's a work-around.