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    1.66 GHZ Core Duo processor and Premiere Pro CS4 HDV playback

    TL2121 Level 1
      I am having issues with Sony 1080i HDV footage in Pr Pro CS4- It captures fine but when I go to playback from the timeline or source monitor I get dropped frames and very choppy playback. My project settings are set correctly for NTSC sony HDV 1080i 30fps (60i)

      Also I have Pr Pro 2 installed on this CPU and it plays back HDV fine with no issues- PR Pro CS4 is a resource BEAST

      Here are my specs

      Dell inspiron 9400
      T2300 1.66 core duo processor
      2GB Ram
      7900 NVIDIA Geforce

      From reading up I figure I need a better processor- I am going to upgrade to a new computer setup in the near future but until then- anybody think It will be worth it to upgrade to a 2.16GHZ Duo Core processor

      should this be enough to playback 1!!!!! stream of HDV in realtime