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    Editing Music Videos while maintaining music sync

      I am very new to CS4 and I'm trying to help my friend make a music video. My main question is how do I transition between the video that contains him singing the whole song, the video footage of the subplot. while maintaining the sync with the mp3 of the song? I don't know if this is the right way of stating this since I'm not familiar with all of the terminology yet.

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          See the multi-camera tutorials.


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            Thrill Media Level 2
            It sounds like your subplot footage is not anything that needs to be lip-synced.

            SO I would convert the mp3 to a 48k wave file since I am not sure that PP likes mp3s. And lay that in the sequence audio track 01.

            Sync all of the video of him singing to the audio in video track 01.

            Then add the sub-plot video in video track 02, covering any lip-sync edits in track one first and then as needed to tell the story.

            Also, when editing music videos, especially if there are a lot of cuts, I will often start with a red matte and a white matte(colors are your choice) on the video track. Cutting between the two on the beat. Once you get a few timed out you can usually copy and paste till the end of song, providing the music maintains the beat. This will give you a visual que and allow for much faster video edits and "playing around visually" because you are not spending a lot of time looking at the wave form trying to find the "beat" edit point. Works for me anyway. :)

            Good luck with it!
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              tparty Level 1
              you are right .. the subplot does not need to be synced to the music on this video. how do you "cut" between the 2 videos ... I have watched the multi camera tutorial and it seems nice.. but not sure if its the right thing for this video... you say you start out with a red and a white matte on the video trakc can you explain that?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Import your Assest: your Video of the singer and the Audio for that. Curtis' suggestion of converting to PCM/WAV 16/48 is a good one, as *some* MP3's cause problems. Establish the sync on the Timeline (turn Snap off to nudge your Audio, if necessary, but turn it back on). Once you have that established, Lock your Audio Track. Then, you can use the Razor to just cut out the Video of the singer, or can place your subplot footage above it, on Video Track 2. Which you choose will likely depend on what sorts of Cuts and/or Transitions, or other Effects you want. Just cutting up the subplot on VT 2 is the easiest way, and you can still do a lot of Transitions, etc. So long as it is ABOVE your VT 1 footage, it will be visible. [You could experiment with lowering its Opacity in a few spots, so that the singer shows through?]

                The reason to Lock your Audio Track is so that if you do Cut the Video, the Audio is not cut too. With separate (non-muxed) Assets, this should not be a problem, but you also do not want to be moving, or nudging your Audio, once sync is established.

                Good luck,

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                  tparty Level 1
                  thanks to those that have responded .. you prolly have cut several days of playing around off my job

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                    RuesterProd Level 1

                    You guys are all professionals and speaking way over my head, but as a budding editor, especially interested in music videos, I was wondering if there are any tutorials to learn more about what you guys are discussing? (I have Adobe Master Collection CS4)


                    Also, where could I find tips and tutorials on syncing original music to a video performance track. i.e. I am taking video of a live performance and having to sync it to the performers original track (they played the live performance to a click, so the timing is set)


                    Thanks all!

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                      Jim_Simon Level 9

                      You will learn most of the lingo by getting a proper education in video production.  That is what I recommend before using Premiere Pro.


                      First learn, then do.


                      For those without the time or desire to do step one, I recommend also skipping step two.  There are those like myself who have already done step one and are fully capable of doing step two, so please support your local professionals.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I do not know of any specific tutorials, but you might find some of use in the PrPro Wiki.


                        However, what I would do is place your "master" track and lock that down. Between doing Muting and Soloing of the tracks, edit the footage, based on how well it matches up to that "master." Once done, then look at any holes, or areas that do not work for you. Here, I'd use cut-aways and audience shots, to fill the holes. If you have scripted a "sub-plot," use that to fill the holes, and tighten the concert footage to allow for more of the sub-plot footage.


                        I really enjoyed The Hooters' "All You Zombies" video. It might be a bit heavier on the sub-plot, but found it well done. I found it well cut.


                        Good luck,




                        PS in lieu of tutorials, I'd spend my time taking apart music vids that do something for me. It's been that way since the Lumiere Brothers started doing film. Back in film school, I had about 24 hours of "Film Critique." Some semesters were on the technical, and some were on the editing. We used great films as an example and dissected them completely to learn what was done and why. Some of the greatest classes of my life and I've only been a student for well over 5 decades. Just imagine some old dude getting into The Hooters' music-vid!