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    Frame Blending

    x34 Level 1
      Frame blending is turned on by default but noticed that when it is turned off, the interlaced footage seems sharper in editing and in when encoded. Is this a valid deduction/assumption?

      I would not expect to see any difference with progressive footage but I can't always shoot progressive.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Frame Blending, though 'on' for every clip, actually only makes a difference if the clip's speed is adjusted. For normal playback, there is no difference with it on or off.
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            x34 Level 1
            Thanks, I have wondered about this and just could not dismiss it as a subtle or non affecting setting especially since I had convinced myself that I was seeing a difference.

            In the case of field merging with interlaced footage, in attempt to realize a "near" progressive output, is unfortunately a near impossibility. I wish it weren't so.