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    Encore Chapter Markers in Nested Sequences?

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      I have a number of encore chapter markers within sub-sequences of my main sequence within Premiere Pro CS4. I export the main sequence to encore and there are 2 problems:

      1) Not all the chapter markers show up.
      2) The markers that do show up are placed at the wrong time.

      It would seem that the markers that DO show up, they are positioned relative to the time of the sub-sequence. For example, if I place a chapter marker 2 mins within a sub-sequence, and the sub-sequence starts at 10 mins within the main sequence, then the logical thing to think is that chapter marker will be placed at 12mins, but instead it is placed at 2mins within the main sequence in Encore.

      Furthermore, if I place a chapter marker directly in the main sequence, then the chapter marker is displayed PROPERLY within encore. So sure, I could place all my chapter markers within the main sequence, but it is sometimes easier to place the chapter markers within sub-sequences.


      How do I go about ensuring chapter markers within sub-sequences: 1) show up, and 2) show up at the proper location within encore?