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    Synchronize clips with timecode

      I have just upgraded to CS4 and I am trying to sync clips.
      I have captured both cameras with scene detect so they have the correct timecode from the night.
      I then drop the timecode video effect onto the clips and in effect controls select Media as the Timecode Source.
      I have made sure Video and Audio 1 are both highlighted on the timeline (as clip I want it to sync with is on this). The I left click on the first clip hold shift and click on the second clip, then right click and select synchronize. It will only let me select as my Sync Point Clip Start or Clip End. Timecode is not available, it's showing it but it's shaded and I cant click on it.
      I have check in the help section and cant seem to get it right, what am I missing?
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Unless the cameras we're genlocked, that method of syncing won't help anyway. And my guess is that if you were working with genlocked cameras, you'd probably be editing with Avid.

          So, I generally use video cues (such as a flash that appears on both cams) to do the syncing.
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            It was shot on 2 450's and had been Gen locked. We have been using cs3 and just upgraded to cs4. I have always synced with audio in cs3 and have no problem doing this here but was looking forward to this new function in cs4.
            I feel like I'm just missing something, not clicking a box?
            Thanks for your help, but it should be working?
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              AsianOcean.com Level 1
              Word of caution! Just in case you decide to do multicam edit in CS3 and then open in CS4 to make DVD, one of your camera's footage will be out of sync for about half a second, somewhere on the timeline, towards the end. Another reason to think the CS4 PPro engineers may be drinking tar. Those who do not have ANY problems, may not have encountered one yet. It's a gravely retarded release and there is no sign of any attempt to address the problem child after the 4.0.1, so far. They are busy drinking more tar, may be. I am very upset because one perfectly finished job of a five camera edit (5th one added on the second timeline) of one hour 10 minutes, slipped part of a footage in CS4 while dynamic linked to make DVD. Only after the client distributed all their twelve copies the problem came back to haunt me. Because it was a perfectly synced job in CS3, which was not touched in CS4, except opened and Dlinked, I didnt check the end of the DVD for SYNC problems. So I thought I must have moved it by mistake and redid the DVDs from my original CS3. THEN when it happened AGAIN in the next two-camera job is when I realized it's done by CS4! I can't believe they are trying to sell this thing as a professional tool.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                >but it should be working?

                In this case, I might agree. Not sure why it isn't. You may end up having to do it visually or with audio cues.
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                  Do adobe have a help line you can call?
                  This is pissing me off that I cant do a function that should be working and that I cant get the help or support needed to make it work.
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                    Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Don't have CS4, and am interested in the option you are describing. Here's the CS4 help file on synching generally:


                    I can't see how it could matter, but try the sequence they use: select the clips; then target track one. Also, try this with the timecode effect removed. Are you certain the clips you have on the timeline have the same timecode? This next step will check that.

                    Have you tried using a numbered marker? I assume you would do this the same in CS4. Open each clip in source monitor. Go to time code x. Add a numbered clip marker. Do the same for the other clip - same time code, same number marker. Is that now an option when you go to synch?

                    I'm not suggesting that is the way it should be done, but a) if that doesn't work it says something more is wrong and b) it seems a simple workaround.

                    If this feature doesn't work, file a bug report. Support number are on line.
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                      Tim Lansen

                      Also you can use a third-party software such as DV Synchro Master HD. It helps if you have to synchronize a mess of clips from number of cameras that were starting and stopping randomly )