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    Inconsistent Multicam Performance

      I'm trying to edit an AVCHD/HDV multicam project on a new Q9300 2.5 GHz computer with 4 GB RAM, Vista 64, RAID 0 disk array and unnecessary startup items disabled. When editing the nested multicam sequence, everything runs as expected -- sometimes. But most of the time, I experience one or more of the following anomolies:

      1. Playback in the multicam and program monitors is jerky.

      2. There is no audio playback. Sometimes disabling the multicam editing allows the audio to play, but not always.

      3. Edit points on the audio track get lost, and the entire audio track becomes one clip. Deleting any video clip deletes the entire audio track.

      4. I can start the video at the beginning and successfully switch cameras in the multicam monitor. But if I stop before the entire sequence is completed, I cannot finish the sequence without the playback becoming too jerky to be useful.

      I've tried to retrace my steps to identify the causes of the erratic performance but have been unsuccessful. Any help will be appreciated.