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    stuttering playback on certain clips after render

    maffmace Level 1
      Morning, I have just edited a music video for a local band but I've having trouble with the output.
      The source is AVCHD 1080 50i and I am using that as the project setting too. one of the tracks has 3 0.5 second clips in which plays fine in the timeline, but on export it stutters or jumps. There is nothing wrong with the source, in fact 2 of the clips were filmed separately but put on to the same video track in the project.

      If I put just those clips on a timeline and export there's no problem, but when in the music video with colour correction or without they don't render correctly

      One thing I've found which is strange is that with each render the error is at a different point and looks different (sometimes a stutter, sometimes a jump and occasionally it's like the clip plays and then restarts)

      I've exported to the following and it happens with them all, any ideas would be helpful:
      h264 AVCHD 1080 50i 30mbps
      MPEG2 1080 25p 50mbps
      h264 720 50p 5mbps
      WMV 720 25p 5mbps

      I need to get this sorted ASAP as it was meant to be on the web earlier this week so any help would be greatly appreciated