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    CS4 and second output screen.


      I have been asked by a friend to see if the following is possible with Premiere CS4. They are thinking of getting a new system based on the Intel I7 processor with a 512Mb Radeon HD 4850 Graphics card. They have been informed that to have a better experience from CS4 that a video output is beneficial to a second monitor. The bit I am a bit confused about is what is possible i.e. run a second screen from the graphics card and drag the preview monitor window onto this screen, or is it possible to output a direct video signal to a TV? And if so what hardware is required to achieve this? Also is the for mentioned graphics card a good choice for Premiere CS4 anyway?


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          Thrill Media Level 2

          Some graphics cards have an SVHS out, while others (like mine the nVidia Quadro FX 1700)have a breakout box that feeds an NTSC signal; component, composite and SVHS.

          My understanding with my card is that you can not drive dual computer monitors and the breakout box NTSC monitor. So, one computer monitor and the NTSC monitor or just two computer monitors.

          Another solution is to purchase a card from BlackMagicDesign or AJA to drive the NTSC monitor and some also offer more I/O options. It really depends on needs (connect to analog deck like Beta SP or SDI, HDMI, etc) and $$ available.

          Good luck with it!
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            Or, you could use a Firewire setup - run a DV signal via Firewire through your camcorder to an NTSC display (or through a device like the Canopus ADVC-300).
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              Gary Andrew
              CS4 does allow you to use your second computer monitor for full screen playback. The downside to this is that you lose screen real estate but it is an easy way to deal with previewing HD material. If your using DV material Scott's method is the best.