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    Media Browser problem-no discs, no folders, no files.

      sorry for my english!

      I have a problem with MediaBrowser.
      After installing CS4 Media Browser is reflected discs, folders,files of my computer.
      Couple days after that - problem starting.
      No files, no discs, nothing at all.
      Sometimes folders and others is reappearing.
      After closing MediaBrowser or Premiere-again nothing.

      My OS -WinXP x64.
      Excluding MediaBrowser' problem, others functional of AP is very good.
      Import is All right.
      All latest updates installing.
      Hardware is OK
      (CoreI7, 12 GB memory, four of six hard drive is configured
      on RAID 0 on ASUS P6T WS PRO).

      Any advice i'm needed.