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    Care to opine about the BMD Intensity Pro card?

    Colin Brougham Level 6
      I've been eyeing the BMD Intensity Pro for over a year now, and since it appears that BMD actually has the card functioning with CS4, I'm more interested now.

      I was using an "ode skoo'" DeckLink SP card (PCI, even!) and it was working fine. However, the card is too old to work with more than 4GB of RAM, so it's been pulled from my system. I'm primarily looking for monitoring, and it would seem that this card fits the bill. The price is hard to argue with, too... though, at the same time, the price makes me think that perhaps it's a little bit Fisher-Price. The new DeckLink Studio cards look pretty sweet, and for not that much more money (relatively speaking), but it's sort of like swatting a fly with a sheet of plywood.

      Anyone satisfied enough with this card to recommend it? And also, on a technical note: does anyone know if it's possible to combine the component inputs on the card with PPro's built-in RS422 control, such as to capture from a Betacam SP deck? The DeckLink cards have their own controller connection off the break-out cable.
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          shooternz Level 6
          I have one Colin but have not reinstalled it.

          Waiting to get positive confirmation that it works "perfectly" with CS4. SO far I seem to read that a few issues still exist.

          Because I have certain monitoring playback issues with CS4, I am not prepared to add anymore yet.
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            Colin Brougham Level 6
            C'mon, Craig! Be our guinea pig... ;)

            That was my experience with the DeckLink card: one driver revision would be great, the next would be not so great. When it worked, it worked well.

            I've been using the composite/S-video/component output of my old Radeon x1950 Xtreme Pro Super Duper Whizz-Bang (Seriously, who names these things? Teenagers?), now that I got it working again. It's always been funky: it'll work perfectly, and then it won't work at all. ATI giveth, and ATI taketh away. For the moment though, I have decent output that is PERFECTLY synced to the Program Monitor in PPro, which is something I cannot say for the DV output. It's hard to judge interlacing issues--sort of gets this dreamy/smeary/PAL-transferred-to-NTSC look--but for general monitoring, it works well.

            Anyway, I guess I'll wait it out, like you are.