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    VOB to AVI  using Auto GK Software; But won't perform correctly in CS4

      Hello. I purchased Premiere CS4 because someone in the Adobe marketing dept. told me I could get DVD footage into it. For a year now I have been working with it and can get my digital footage into it and work with it fine. I found out after I purchased it that VOB files must be turned into avi files in order to use the footage in CS4. So, I found and downloaded the Auto GK (auto gourdian kot?) free software and successfully converted the files (which are actually my parents priceless 8mm Reel to Reel footage from the 50s-60s that I had transferred to DVD). This R2R footage on DVD is a primary component of the music videos I'm trying to make for them. Anyway, I can watch these 'vob converted to avi' files on my computer (Windows XP, 250 GB hard drive w/ 2 external hard drives, 3 GB RAM...no problem w/computer) AND can import into CS4, but then they don't perform well in CS4...I can only see thumbnail and might play for a second really fast and then stop, or won't play at all, so they are useless in there even though I can import them. I know I have settings wrong somewhere, but don't know if its in CS4, or in the VOB to avi software. Can someone help me? I watched some of the tutorials in the CS4 help section, and one 'teacher' said, "...and if you need to import DVDs, you can do that too." But then he doesn't tell you how to do it and I can't find anything on the subject. Any help will be appreciated. Do other video editing programs make it easier to import DVD footage? My parents are old...I can't wait too much longer...it's been a year I've been trying to do this. Thank you, Claudia Barrington