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    PPro CS4.1 is on the way - straight from Adobe's Development director!

    watkino Level 1
      Let me share an exchange I just had with Dave Helmly of Adobe. I gave him a list of my (5) TOP gripes and he responded:

      1) Cant export a simple still frame without going through a huge multi-step process via the Media Encoder

      Good news, in the next update (4.1) you will see the Frame export option again.

      Heres how it will work for 4.1.


      The Media export window will open just as before, but now you will see both Tiff and Targa. When you select either one and when you click OK you will prompted for a save location. ** Adobe Media Encoder will not launch as it does now.

      The main difference between this method and CS3 is that we now use the standard Export Media dialog box to set the different options form the pull down menu. This will also allow 3rd parties to also put more options for their hardware as well. The 2 most requested at this point were TIFF & TARGA.

      2) Speaking of Media Encoder, the new CS4 module never seems to remember the last file destination for files it output. This greatly impedes workflow.

      Fixed in 4.1

      3) Premiere Pro takes FOREVER to load large projects. A real drag when you charge clients by the hour.

      Fixed in 4.1 (agree that this was too long in coming but it fixed) We now parse the project file in a different manor. Projects that would take 8 minutes to load, now take under 1 minute.

      4) Premiere Pro CS4 is the least stable of any release version dating back to, oh, 5.0 (i.e. crashes often for many, often apparently random, reasons).

      Lots of various fixes for OSX & Vista. 4.1 is pretty rock solid. Yes I remember the 5.0 & 5.1c days.

      5) Premiere Pro is a resource hog, needing AT LEAST 4gb of RAM.

      Premiere now has 64 bit memory management for 64 bit Oses( OSX & Vista64/Win7 64) If Premiere needs more RAM , it will take it with 4.1 , it will give it back. Things like DynamicLink , FCP Importer (FCP Export coming) and other parts of Premiere can take RAM instead of spooling virtual memory to disk.

      Hope this helps,


      P.S. 4.1 is expected after NAB. Best guess is 2-3 weeks after.