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    Trim edits

    (Mathias_De_Groof) Level 1

      I'm new at premiere, but I've mastered the basics.

      I have a question about trim edits (trimming a clip in the timeline to the right or left while holding the crtl key, so the other clips move together with the modified clip).

      I have a big project, with multiple clips on the timeline. I also have a title for each clip on a separate video track.

      My problem is the following: there doesn't seem to be a way to keep all the clips AND all the titles synced when performing a trim edit. If I turn on the sync lock for the title track, all titles are shifted, including the title of the clip I performed the edit on. This means all titles are correctly positioned, except the title of the clip I trim edited.
      As you probably guessed, turning the sync lock off for the title track creates the opposite behavior: the title of the edited clip stays in the correct position, while the other tiles are now positioned incorrectly.

      I must also point out that this only happens when trim editing a clip's in point to the left (i.e. dragging the beginning of the clip to the left).

      Is there a way to make sure all the titles stay correctly positioned? Or do I have to move the title of the clip I trim edit by hand?

      I hope this makes sense, since this is very difficult to explain in text.