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    Transitions With Stills

    jimclark1947 Level 1
      I have just migrated from 6.5 to CS4 and WOW. My first project with CS4 includes still images at the end of the video. The stills are shot with a Nikon D3 and imported as PSD files. When I automate the bin of stills to the end of the video the default transition is applied just as it was in the video, but the transition is not working. I've rendered the project and can see the transitions physically in place. During playback the transitions in the video part of the project work as expected, but the same transitions between the stills do nothing. The picture simply jumps from one still image to the next, just as if there were no transitions. Any help or ideas??

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Details please....
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            Colin Brougham Level 6
            There is a bug in the cross dissolve transition, at least when it comes to dissolving between graphic files. What you need to do is add a keyframe to the Opacity parameter of one of the clips; there is no need to change the parameter. It simply has to "be there" in order to make the dissolve work properly.

            Since you have multiple clips you'll need to do this to, add a keyframe to the Opacity of your first clip, copy that clip, select all the clips that follow it, and use the Paste Attributes command. That will drop a keyframe on all the following clips, and make the dissolves work correctly.
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              pebalsamo Level 2
              I am having similar problems with Titles...

              I have a post here http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b86d34 that you may want to keep an eye on also for ideas. If I get something worked out I will let you know...

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                pebalsamo Level 2
                Man I hope that they fix that soon....

                I will give that a shot with my titles. I assume that it is the same for all transitions. I could not get any transitions to work with my titles...

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  I did not see mention made of this being a "fix" in the upcoming release of CS4.1, but maybe I missed it. Hope that it is addressed in that update.

                  A similar "Bug" found its way into PE7, where the Opacity needs to be anything < 100%, for Transitions to function. To date, there has been no talk of that being fixed in PE7 with an update.

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                    jimclark1947 Level 1
                    Colin - Thanks for the tip. It worked great. I appreciate the help.

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                      TradeWind Level 3
                      I did a photo montage recently and didn't have any problems. I was working with TIFF files, not PSD, so I don't know if there was a difference there.

                      Vista Ultimate x64
                      PPro CS4 all up-to-date

                      If anything, the transitions and handling of still images seemed to be much improved when compared with previous versions of PPro.

                      Never use many PSD sequences, so I'll keep an eye out for this next time I do something with PSDs and see what I can see.
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                        Colin Brougham Level 6

                        That's an interesting find. I'd be willing to be that, not only is it the file format you chose, but the way those TIFFs were saved. I think that PSDs always get interpreted as having an alpha channel--even when they only contain a single, locked background layer with no transparency defined. On the other hand, TIFFs can contain this information, but that's probably only likely if there is a specific alpha channel defined, or if the file is saved with layers and/or transparency.

                        As such, this bug may rear its ugly head when the transitions are applied between clips/graphics that have an alpha channel, either implicit or explicitly defined.

                        Anyway, interesting observation--it's time for some testing!

                        ADDENDUM: Just tested this--no go. Tried JPGs, then converted them to TIFFs with no layers/alpha, and still no transition when the timeline was rendered. I'm curious how you got it to work!
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                          Colin Brougham Level 6
                          So, this bug seems to be tied to either the sequence presets or to the codec you choose to create preview files. I can only get this to happen in one of the DV sequence presets (30i or 24p), or if I choose an AVI-based codec (DV, uncompressed, etc) to create preview files. I tried a DVCPRO50 sequence and a couple of DVCPROHD sequences, and the dissolves/transitions work just fine without adding the opacity keyframe. I didn't try any other presets (ie. XDCAM or AVCHD). Weird...

                          Christian, what sort of sequence were you working in?
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                            What to do is:

                            1. select the still-image-clip in the timeline
                            2. select the effect-controls (above the timeline)
                            3. select opacity (100%)
                            4. change transition parameter  "normal" -> "luminance"

                            after that the transition is working in addition rendering