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    Fireworks -->> Illustrator CS3

      Hello, any Fireworks users here who can also work with Illustrator?

      I have been using Fireworks for years, and now I have some clients asking me to do print work that's usually done in Illustrator. Does anybody have reccomdations for books and/or tutorials that will help me learn Illustrator, especially if they're targeted for somebody with a web background?

        • 1. Fireworks -->> Illustrator CS3
          Hi John,

          I don't think Illustrator should be much of a problem for you, since you're a fireworks user for some time now. My recommendation would be simply to start up Illustrator and get yourself familiarized with it. No doubt you'll find it very easy to pick up.

          If not you might even consider designing in fireworks and exporting it as an *.ai file...

          Of course there are some differences when designing for print: the main things you need to take into account are margins, bleeds and colormodes (screendesign is done in RGB where Print uses CMYK). The best thing to do, or at least it always worked out for me, is to contact the printshop you going to let your design be printed and ask them for their specifications. Often they will be vey helpfull and provide you with a template of some sorts

          Hope this helps.