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    How do I import *.mov files created by JVC HD200 camera

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      We have over 4 days of video footage we need to get into Premier Pro CS4!

      We recorded some HD video using a rented JVC HD200 Camera with external hard drive and unfortunately had the camera set to save the HD files in the native JVC *.MOV format. Apparently when the JVC HD200 saves its video to *.MOV format it assigns a codec to the file that is unknown to Premier Pro CS4. When we tried to import the files directly into Premier CS4 we get the following error:

      Codec Missing or Unavailable

      The files import directly into Final Cut Pro on a MAC so whatever codec JVC is using to save its native *.MOV files, apparently they cannot be used in Premier Pro CS4 but are common to only Final Cut.

      Since we ONLY have the original files and no longer have the camera does anyone know what process we can use to get these ready for import into Premier Pro CS4 from their original *.mov format? Live capture is not an option and we do not have access to a machine with Final Cut Pro on it to do an additional conversion to *.MOV files with the H264 codec. Is there any other way to covert these files (on a PC) to a format that will then import to Premier Pro CS4 with no or minimum loss of quality??