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    CS4 DVD looks 'weak' 'thin' 'crappy' or disappointing

      I shot an event on a Canon XH-A1. Helicopter footage of yachts and party footage.

      I made some mistakes in the set up which I own up to; 1. I meant to lock the white balance for the boat shoot, but instead had it on auto (fixed in post) ; 2. I set the camera on high gain for the night time indoor/outdoor stuff. It's a noise fiesta (Gaussian blur fixed that). I may have made other mistakes but nothing too deadly. I'm a still shooter who was pursuaded to do this, and yes, I did it for the money.

      My trouble at this point is that I have this rockin' video shot in HDV 24p, I assumed I could down sample for an even more lush result. OOPS.

      I hate the way it looks.

      First attempt> Capture in Premiere cs4> edit in same> dynamic link to encore>build with stock settings and wahlah! yuck.

      2nd, 3rd, 4th,...................63rd> attempt> every variation under the sun, 1 pass, 2pass, mt2, mov. mpegs of all shapes and sizes, looking for a sweet spot that doesn't look like trash.

      The only improvement I found was to export as a lossless avi and build from that. It still kind of sucks.

      I tried to install Cineform Neo 4K but the Cineform options never show up in the AME options list.

      I tried that convoluted workflow system in the CS3 forum with frame servers and scripts and I'm not sure but I believe there was a priest and a blessing involved. I can't make that work.

      The trouble may be with my system, its possible that all these voodoo applications do not run properly on a 64:

      I7 3.3 quad core
      6g DDR3 1600 RAM
      Vista 64
      OS on 300GB 10,000 RPM HDD
      swap files on 2x 150gb 10,000 RPM Raid 0
      Video 1700FX

      So if anybody has any suggestions, amplifying information, jokes, cute stories or formal statements, please believe that I come to you as a last resort, and after a month of beating my head against the wall I will appreciate it very much.