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    premiere pro cs4 crashes during splash

      hi i recently installed premiere pro cs4 and when i try to open it it crashes when it gets to loading solidcomposite.aex. i tried removing each plug-in and it kept crashing on the next plug-in. however, when i removed asiowdm.dll the splash immediately ended and appeared to crash because nothing opened. i dont know what asiowdm.dll is but would anyone know why this file would cause problems and if there is anything i can do to fix it?
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          Wade S Zimmerman Level 1
          I ould say you are goig about this the wrong way. I would try to user the Uninstaller located in the Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers and uninstall PPro make certain you trash any preferences files, cache files, or application support files then reinstall PPro.
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            Level 1
            hi thanks for the suggestion. i reinstalled premiere several times making sure to eliminate everything before hand and it still runs into the same problem. any other suggestions?
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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              There is an Adobe CS4 cleanup script.

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                I am having a similar problem with Premiere in a full CS4 Master Collection install.

                It appears that all the plug-ins and bundles load as it displays an "initializing" message just before the splash screen disappears. A few seconds later, when the app windows are expected to appear, the app just quits, and the Adobe error dialog pops up.

                Adobe Premiere was working fine a few weeks ago, but this past weekend it just stopped working.

                I've tried the uninstall/re-install process, including running the CS4 cleanup script. However, if I follow the instructions and uninstall the CS4 suite first, the CS4 cleanup indicates that there are no CS4 sessions available and does not allow you to proceed (one would then assume everything was uninstalled).

                Unfortunately, I have a deadline coming up and I've already spent a lot of time trying to get this working again. Uninstalling/re-installing the CS4 Master Collection takes quite some time.
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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5
                  Try creating a new, temporary administrator account and running Pr from that new account. If it works without crashing, then you can probably get it running in your own account by deleting all of your user data for Pr.
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    When something works one day, but not the next, it is almost always a sign that something has changed. It could be a seemingly insignificant incident, such as MS Windows doing an automatic update, or it could be more significant, like loading new software, or adding/removing hardware.

                    Think about what has, or might have, gone one, from the time that PrP worked, and now. Check the schedule of your OS updates and see if any were installed in that time. Did you change any hardware? Did you install ANY new programs?

                    With the OS updates, drivers that worked perfectly before can be rendered obsolete. Check for any video and audio driver updates for your system. Also, check your current version of QuickTime and also your Flash player. I may be confusing the programs, but IIRC PSs installer relies heavily on the Flash player. Might be true for PrP too. Many folk had problems with PS installing, and either had a hosed Flash player, or needed to update what they had.

                    If Jeffs idea does not work, also look on the MS Windows site. There was an issue with an older version of MS Installer and PS (do not recall this problem with any other Adobe programs, but might have missed the articles). MS corrected the problem and a simple install of the new MSI took care of all issues. Do not recall if this was in XP, or Vista, but MS is pretty good at listing which OSs their fixes cover.

                    Others have had positive results by doing an install from the contents of the DVDs copied over to the hard drive (need some real estate there), and then running the installation from the Desktop. Some also needed to do the install from Safe Mode, but not all.

                    Again, if Ive mixed up exactly which Adobe program suffered from some of these, I apologize. BTW, what forum am I in? Ah, now I see, PrP CS4...

                    Good luck and please let us know how it goes,

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                      I have the same problem with CS3.   It was working on Friday and now Monday it crashes after the splash screen.   The system is not connected to the internet, so no updates were done.   I have tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling with no success.   Any help would be appreciated.

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                        I had a problem like this in WinVista 64 bit and the crash report stated an access violation. I took this to mean it was unable to read a file / access the folder. I was able to run it as and adminsitrator (R) click on programe.. run as admin..). I then decided the old User access control was likely to be the culprit. Turned off UAC (click on user and control account..) and away we go, just like a real computer.


                        Typical of M$ to have a good lock up of the 'house' (UAC) but then somehow allow the key to be left inside.  Almost good enough but tends to miss.

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                          That article directly admits that the Premiere Pro engine crashes because of VST plugins. But Adobe justifies the crash stating that the plugins are "shared" by being located in one area for all programs to use them.




                          They left out one important fact. Most programs that use VSTs are music editors which always allow you to add or remove VST plugin directories in the settings. SO you can skip certain plugins you don't want. This is well known to be a powerful troubleshooting feature.




                          Adobe must be too busy to implement such a basic feature.

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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            One of the nice things about PrPro's handling of VST's is that for the ones that cause it to crash, it writes that to a blacklist. One only needs to keep launching PrPro, until all of the problem VST's have been written to the blacklist. Depending on the system, this might take several launches.


                            There are three things that can happen with PrPro and VST's:


                            1.) they load fine and can be used

                            2.) they load, but cannot be used - PrPro issues a one-time warning about this.

                            3.) the VST crashes PrPro on loading, but then the item is written to the blacklist. This is most common with the "instrument" VST's.


                            Good luck,




                            PS - the blacklist can be manually edited, if one knows all their "instruments" VST's, to save time.