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    Benchmark Results for CS4, attn. Bill Gehrke

    Harm Millaard Level 7
      Bill (and others interested),

      I have now tweaked my system a bit and done some simple benchmarking to see if I did it right. There is not yet a PPBM+ benchmark available to see how this system fares in comparison to others, but if you make it available for CS4, Bill, I will submit the data.

      Anyway, here are the results for the time being:

      b PassMark 7.0: 4338,1 (only second place due to Vista 64, which adds a 5-10% performance penalty in comparison to XP-32).

      b Cinebench R10: 5670 single CPU / 22338 multi CPU / 5154 OpenGL.

      b HDTach 3.0.4 long (32 MB): Single disk burst 233 / Avg 99, 2 disk raid0 burst 4275 / Avg 177, 8 disk raid30 burst 1045 / Avg 671.

      This is a budget system with i7-920 @ 4.0 GHz, 12 GB RAM, ATI 4870 video, 150 GB boot Velociraptor, 2 TB Raid0 for pagefile/scratch, 2 x single disk 1 TB for audio, stock footage and export, and 8 TB Raid30 for media (Areca-ARC 1680iX-12 with 2 GB cache and BBM) plus 2 BR burners.

      Bill, how are you coming along on the PPBM+ CS4 version?