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    Help!  When I import video it only shows up as audio

      Every time I try importing video or even try previewing it, it will only playback and show up as audio. I have tried both Quicktime and AVI video formats and nothing seems to work. I have been able to import an audio only file with no problem, but I really need the video clips and I don't understand why they won't work. I tested them on my computer and they work with other programs. Is there a setting on Adobe Premiere Pro that I neeed to change, or am I just doing something wrong?
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Neither the .MOV, or .AVI, files are a format. They are a wrapper, and can contain a lot of different CODEC's. What encoding are you using to create your .AVI files?

          When an .AVI is only Audio, or only Video, it *seems* that DivX, or Xvid CODEC's have been used. M-JPEG also causes similar issues at times. Did you encode with any of these? If you do not recall your Export settings (all of them), then the freeware progarm, G-Spot (www.headbands.com/gspot) will tell you what you used.

          Good luck,

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            Thanks for your reply. I'll tell you exactly where the videos are coming from. I am using mozilla firefox download helper to get videos off of youtube to put them into this adobe project. I am using the built in converter to convert them to either quicktime or AVI. As far as the encoding, I could not tell you because I believe they are already encode and are only converted for video playback. I know that they have previously worked because I have tried download helper to download videos into itunes for my ipod and they have worked fine. If they are the wrong encoding, do I need to get them in another way?
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              I just tried importing one of the videos into Windows Movie Maker and it specifically said one of the codecs was missing. I have tried to configure mozilla download helper but it doesn't give me an encoding option. Could you possibly help me there?
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                Bill Seper Level 1
                Hi ya Jacob,

                For honor sake let me say that I hope you aren't downloading files to more or less steal them. I, for instance, have a sort of religious/philosophy channel at YT and I'll sometimes use short excerpts from movie clips for teaching purposes. I don't know if it's technically legal to do so, but no one seems to object to my using 30-seconds or so from a clip in this way.

                I'm sure there are people here who can tell you some easy way to do this with a program you have to pay for, but having grown up watching too much Jack Benny has made me a such a tightwad that I will always do things the cheap way even if it means jumping through a number of hoops. So let me tell you my process of hoop jumping before someone else tells you the easy store bought method (otherwise known as the "right way").

                There are a number of ways to get something off YouTube as you've no doubt learned by now. However, most of those ways will only download the low quality version of the file. YT also keeps high quality versions of many of those files (depending on what codec was used in uploading them to begin with) on a separate server. Sometimes a YT video will have an "HQ" button you can toggle to see the file. Sometimes they don't see it, but there is an HQ file somewhere anyway a lot of the time. To see that file place the following after the url:


                Here's an example. If you go to the following url it will take you to the regular low quality version of this particular YT video:


                Now you'll notice that there is indeed an HQ button you can push on this video to watch the high quality version, but let's pretend it isn't there and instead we'll use that little shortcut on the end of the url that I showed above so that the url now looks like this:


                No matter what download tool you use to get the video from YT, try to remember to use that shortcut ending piece for the url so the app will know without a doubt that you want the HQ version if one exists because sometimes these apps aren't able to find the HQ version without some help.

                I recommend downloading the free version of Any Video Converter. It will both download the YT video (the high quality version will be an mp4 file) and then it will convert it to something more usable of your choice.

                Another good download tool is called Orbit. It can download videos from other sites besides YT, but it always downloads the flv.

                Any Video Converter, unfortunately, won't let you change the file to an uncompressed AVI, nor to a DV-AVI. The highest quality it has available to convert the file to is NTSC mpg2 DVD standard, or you can choose to use the HD setting for a wmv file, but it takes a long time to do the latter, and considering the low quality of YT videos to begin with, seems kind of senseless to me.

                I then bring my new mpg2 file into the mpg version of VirtualDub and change it to an uncompressed AVI. And then I can easily bring that AVI into Premiere and either work with it natively or change it to a DV file (which I usually do before editing).

                There's a DV codec you can download that will allow VDub to convert the mpg2 directly to DV-AVI, but I don't trust it as I've noticed a lot of posts by people saying that it makes some of their other programs unstable.
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                  Thank you for the post. Just to let you know, I'm just getting the clips for a school project and any other stuff I get off of youtube is completely for personal use because I am kind of in agreement with you on the privacy thing. By the way, all of the videos I have downloaded were the HQ versions, so I know what you were talking about with that. But I will be sure to try the programs you recommended because it seems that VirtualDub allows you to encode the videos to the right format for Premiere Pro whereas Video Download Helper does not. Thank you for all of the help and I will be sure to try it out.

                  Edit: I was able to download the video with my previous program, Video Download Helper, set it as a MPEG 2, and then drop it into VirtualDub and change it to AVI, and everything worked. Thanks for all of the help!
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                    Thank you for the help, but I tried downloading video with Any Video Converter and it would only convert it to a MPEG-4. When I tried bringing it over to virtualdub, it wouldn't recognize the video because mpeg4 is not compatible with virtualdub. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need to configure something?
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                      Bill Seper Level 1
                      For some reason with this last version of Any Video Converter they forgot to put a drop-down scroll on the codec list. What you have to do is to just click once on the upper right box with the name of whichever codec is showing at the moment (sounds like mpeg4) and then you get a drop-down list of codecs to choose from. What you'll want is "DVD Video NTSC Movie Mpg". That's the best one, and VDub will open it fine.
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                        I pulled down the drop down window and set it to only the DVD NTSC MPG, and for some reason, every single time I try converting, it will only convert to mpeg 4. My other video downloader isn't working right now so this problem with AVC is starting to really annoy me. Is there something else I need to configure?
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                          Bill Seper Level 1
                          Hmm...a conundrum. Could it be that maybe you didn't use the default setting in this format? The only thing you should really dicker with is the box that says "audio bitrate" which you can bump up to 192k.

                          You might go into options and play with the video settings. I generally use the DirectX driver.

                          Other than that I can't imagine why yours is coming out wrong. If it still refuses to let you make the NTSC files, you can always use the "mpg2 movie" setting. It's restricted to a 1,800 bitrate, but considering how low the quality is with a YT video to begin with you'll probably never notice any difference.

                          Sorry for your problems. I've never heard of this one.