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      Hey there,
      I have some trouble importing my old CS3 projects into CS4 (this also happens when importing After Effect projects, btw):

      Timeline looks perfect, sound seems to be fine (on the first look), but unfortunately my video-footage is kind of .. too slow Oo.
      Already-cutted scenes are just black or start at the materials slowly-moving beginning (only thing working correctly is the music [that is not embedded to the video-file] on A4 / A5). :-/
      i.e.: When previewing the file and jumping to the 30mins region I still see the "Universal"-Logo slowly coming in (it's like 1 frame every 3 seconds or so) while the sound runs on normal speed.

      I tried simple-opening of the project and also importing it into an already existing CS4-Project. Nothing seems to work!

      Still working on Win Vista 64Bit (as I did with CS3) and changed _nothing_ but the CS-Version from 3 to 4..

      Help? :'-(

      File is: AVI, supposed to be XviD.
      Codec is still installed though I didn't change anything depending the OS or so.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          >supposed to be XviD

          That could very well be an issue. Premiere isn't really set up to use such a codec, and whether or not it works seems to be hit or miss, with more hits on CS3 and more misses on CS4.

          Best bet is to use camera standard formats - DV, HDV, DVCPRO HD, etc.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Xvid, and it's "cousin" DivX, are designed for high-compression delivery. They do not edit well.

            Is there any way to go back to 'before" the Xvid encoding, and work with those files? Next "best" (and you will clearly see the word "best" in quotation marks, because it's really pretty far down the quality scale) would be to convert to DV-AVI Type II files with a 3rd party application. Quality
            b WILL
            suffer badly, but you might be able to get by, so long as there is little motion (camera or subject) and one does not care about several levels of heavy compression.

            Good luck,

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              Thank you guys so far!

              There would be a way to go back to the original uncompressed file. And thus this will be the only way for me - I'll have to do it like this, eh? ;)

              Only thing annoying is that CS4 "misses" files that CS3 clearly "hits".
              This won't get in my mind :-x
              It's an updated version of the same program - so it should be able to handle files that even the older version was able to work with :-s

              Nevertheless - thank you!
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                >Only thing annoying is that CS4 "misses" files that CS3 clearly "hits".

                That has been reported by many users. My guess is that many updates under the hood require stricter adherence to standard camera formats.