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    organizing a Bin

    pebalsamo Level 2
      OK, this seems like a strange little quirk and I am sure that I am missing something but here is my problem. I have a bin that has about 50 DV clips in it. The way I had my project panel organized and did not realize it was that they were in reverse alphabetical order. I had double clicked on the bin to open it up and that I made it into a thumbnail view, well all of my clips were obviously in reverse order. I could not figure out how to organize them in the thumbnail view so I put it back to List view and then just clicked on the name tab to organize them by name. When I went back to the Thumbnail view they were still backwards. It is obviously not a huge deal because I can just work from the bottom of the bin up, but it is annoying.

      I then went back to my main project panel and organized everything by name so that everything was in the proper order, double clicked on another bin and opened it up and made it Thumbnail view and everything was in the correct order. I changed it to List view and put them in reverse order and then changed it back to thumbnail and it was still in the normal order.

      So is there anyway to organize the clips when there are in thumbnail view? I know about "Cleanup" but the just makes them fill the panel and does not do anything with the way that they are in order. Any help would be greatly appreciated...