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    CS4 / MAC Exports to dark


      i migrated to a MAC Pro a while ago and today I was editing a project I had started before in Windows. I have m2t Files as Source Files. Now I did the project and I notice when I export in H.264 the exported Movie is much darker then in Premiere CS4.
      When I export in MPEG2 Quicktime shows the movie brighter but when I open it in another appliation like Sorenson Squeeze it is as dark as the H.264 File.
      If I export as flv /f4v it looks fine :-)

      I have color Management Active on my MAC Pro and is configured fine. I have no issues in Photoshop, Lightroom or any Picture Application.

      Has anybody an Idea where the problem might be? Can it be that the m2t File I captured in Windows are a problem? But why are they shown ok in Premiere and then look darker after export...

      Any help is greatly appreciated.