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    Audio cutting out at the end of my video

      So I exported a AVCHD video into an uncompressed AVI and then re imported it. I brought it into the time line and edited it a bunch and also brought in another video and mixed that in. For about half of the video, I used the audio from the video itself... but in different sections, I brought in a separate wav file. I used this wav file towards the end of the video for about 1 minute of the video. After I was done, I exported the entire project into a normal avi file because what I'm going to do for now is upload these to YouTube and so I don't want the file sizes to be too huge.

      So I opened up the final avi file in VLC player... and everything is great... except the last 30 seconds or so of the video doesn't have the audio. It plays the audio from the wav about halfway through... and then it stops. The video continues... but there is no sound.

      I went back into the project and everything looks fine. The wav file extends to the end and the audio plays fine when I preview the video. So I exported again just to see if it was some sort of error the first time... but no... it did the same thing.

      So why is the audio cutting out at the end? How do I fix it?

      Thanks in advance.