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    Presets for M2TS Files

    Havalilsi Level 1
      I've been struggling with quality issues when using my JVC HD7 and Premiere. I've been using MPEGStreamClip to convert the TOD files to DV to edit in Premiere, but I got a lot of swimming in the shadows. Yesterday I came across this post http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b7b7e7?@@
      and realized I could rename the file, and it gave me much better quality to boot. My only issue now is the renamed file file has to be rendered for me to be able to work on it. I was still using the preset for dv files.

      What settings would you folks suggest I use to be able to work on files without rendering. I'm shooting in SD. My machine is only a dual core. I'm using Windows 7 64X with 3Gigs of RAM.

      Any help would be appreciated.