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    Automatic scene detection: Pros and cons

      I am new to Premiere Pro. I have used Pinnacle Studio, where scene detection involves the storing of the scene information in a separate file from the captured video, which is stored in a single AVI file. I run Premiere on Windows, so as I understand it, the options I have are to capture my video to a single file, or to use scene detection, which creates one file per detected scene.

      On the one hand, having a single file per DV tape is convenient. On the other hand, such a file is rather large.
      On the one hand, using the scene detection feature will result in a large number of files. On the other hand, any files for scenes that will never be used can be deleted, saving disk space.

      What I'm looking for is how others prefer to capture video -- either in one file or in multiple scene files -- and why you prefer to do it that way.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          For me scene detection is great, as you mentioned you can immediately delete crap shots, saving disk space, but the advantage of having date and time stamp added to your captured files (Scenalyzer for DV and HDVSplit for HDV) is a serious benefit for my style of working. Another advantage is missing out on the audio-video sync issues with tape capturing in Premiere. This is a non-issue with XDCAM-EX material, since scene-detect is inherent to the format.
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            Colin Brougham Level 6
            Scene detect, all the way. Sure beats subclipping, the implementation of which is kind of "meh" in Premiere Pro, IMO. If you're going to capture the whole tape anyway, you might as well let the computer bust it into more manageable pieces for you.
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              Jim_Simon Level 9
              Definitely Scene Detect. Much easier editing when every shot is it's own clip in the bins. (This presumes, of course, that the camera was started and stopped for every shot, which is how I shoot anyway.)
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                TradeWind Level 3
                Scene detect.

                I discovered the hard way long ago that each of my camera ops needs to set date/time on their camcorder or else it doesn't work (why they never set it, who knows...).

                Add to that, if the little battery dies in the camcorder, it'll toss out the date and all saved functions - including white balance - each time the camera is turned off. Little things you learn....but anyway....

                Yeah, scene detect, for all the previously mentioned reasons. I do multiple attempts at some shots, even in event work. By having individual files, I can toss the unused clips once I'm done selecting my shots (or at least set them as offline).