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    DH video to online flash content

      I have adobe master suite and I have completed a project in Premiere that was using HD footage. How can I create a movie that would be small enough to use as an online movie? I have already tried doing it in Encore but the file was still 75 mb. I really would like to embed this movie into a powerpoint presentation. Thank you for you suggestions.
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          Thrill Media Level 2
          You need to drop the quality settings when you encode the video. Which codec did you use when encoding? How long is the movie? What are your target dimensions? What is your target size? All of these are relevant to size in MB.
          If you are doing f4v, do short test renders of your footage preferably at a spot with the most motion in the clip, maybe 20 seconds worth. Then try lowering the quality settings and re-rendering until you hit the point that you feel the quality is starting to suffer. Once you are happy, render the whole clip.
          Hope that helps.