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    Preimer Pro and FLV/FV4 output

    x34 Level 1
      From time to time I must create a demo output for internet viewing. I'm no expert on flash or streaming video but there are two ways to deliver:
      1) Post to a site for down loading (down load times can be an issue)
      2) send a link to a flash file (neither premier or Encore produce a playable file)

      Using either program in 2 above, neither the swf or the flv can be played by itself, it must have the player file embedded in the htm content and that requires an additional program to create the embedded player and link.

      Is there not some player that can be used locally at the client PC to open and play a flash or swf file on a remote site? I thought the Adobe player would do this but I have had no luck. Therefore I get stuck with having to use a program like Captivate or Camtasia to produce the htm link to play the file from a remote site. YUK!!

      I thought Adobe player would do this but I have not been able to make it play a an swf or flv file located on a a remote site.

      If someone knows if this is possible, please offer a suggestion.