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    Playback Settings button does not work (within Black Magic Project)

      Premiere Pro CS4 and Intensity Pro 3.0 drivers on Windows Vista (Business) 64-bit: Within a BlackMagic (Intensity Pro) project, the Playback Settings button does not work.

      When I was using Premiere Pro CS3 and earlier drivers for the Intensity Pro card, I was able to go to Sequence> Sequence Settings, click on the Playback Settings button and get a dialog box which, if I remember correctly, had a check box that allowed playback even during dropped frames (essentially to bypass dropped frames during playback).

      Now, when I'm using the current version of Premiere Pro CS4 (with 4.01 update) and current (Vista 64) Intensity Pro drivers, whenever I click on Playback Settings button (via Sequence> Sequence Settings), nothing happens , I get nothing. As I said, I used to get a dialog box that would allow me to select 'playback even during dropped frames'. For me, this is not a frivolous feature, as when I have a complex project I need to be able to playback the timeline in some way. Now with my inability to change/select bypass dropped frames in playback, I'm not able to preview my timeline -- definitely not a good thing when editing. :-O

      The interesting thing is when I'm working in a generic firewire Premiere Pro project, when I click on Playback Settings button (via Sequence> Sequence Settings), I get a dialog box with generic playback settings (the very thing I need). Within a BlackMagic (Intensity Pro) project I get none of this.

      My question: Why is the Playback Settings button within a Premiere Pro CS4 Black Magic (Intensity Pro) Project no longer working? Is anyone else experiencing this?