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    what to do to have clear photos?

      I am a newbie, sorry. I am trying to create a slideshow with PPCS4 and some of the photos seem blurry, the quality just does not seem as good as when I view the photos on my computer. I will be viewing this on a tv via dvd. I import my pictures w/o them being scaled so I can have room to pan and zoom. I want to know what settings should I be using for everything to get the best picture? Should I be concerned about interlace/deinterlace? Does it matter if I choose 16:9 or 4:3 (it will be viewed on 16:9). I have read that photoshop scales things down better, should I do this and scale it down maybe 50% then bring it in and scale down further if I have to. I just want a simple list of what I need to do and how I should have all of my settings. I am sooo frustrated and upset. I understand how to do alot with PP I just don't understand all the settings and how to get them correct.
      thank you
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          Jim_Simon Level 9
          Photos on a TV won't look as good as on the computer. The TV is MUCH lower resolution.
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            Thrill Media Level 2
            Start with the smallest size pictures that you can still pan and zoom. In other words you probably don't need a 4,000x3,000 pixel image unless you are planning on doing a long zoom out or something. Especially for a DVD sized project(non-HD) This will make it easier in PP to do your moves without slowing the system down too much. Yes, scale them in PS first.

            If you want a 16x9 DVD then use a 16x9 project. Also, be sure that you use a progressive project(no interlacing) as this will look "cleaner" in the end result.

            My personal choice would be to do this in AE, but it really depends on how big of project you are doing, how many photos, etc.

            Hope that helps!
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              Bill Seper Level 1
              Stay away from jpgs.
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                Level 1
                I am doing about 100 pictures or so and I plan to make several of these. If I add video in with the pictures should I still use progressive? And where do I find that setting?
                I do not have AE, wish I did. Does it really make a difference?

                As for not using jpegs the pictues come off the camera as jpegs, should I convert them to something else and if so what?

                And thanks for the info about photos not looking as good on the tv - I did not know that. But still I want to do everything I can to get them looking great.

                kind regards Martina
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                  Eddie Lotter Level 4

                  See these tutorials for some great ideas.


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                    Bill Seper Level 1
                    "As for not using jpegs the pictues come off the camera as jpegs, should I convert them to something else and if so what?"

                    Premiere has never handled jpgs very well. They always look a bit blurry or choppy. Use either tif or bmp.
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                      rockyweih Level 1
                      Premiere is not the best thing for slide shows. try memories on TV (MOTV) for slide shows. The pans and zooms are much better than anything you can do in premiere. JPEGs work great, you can export to DVD, and the Pro version has many other things you can do with the pictures also. http://www.codejam.com/ I do use premire with MOTV, but only for the audio. I inport three or four songs and then export all 3 or 4 as one audio track. I them import that into MOTV. Try it, you will never use Premire again.
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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I do not have CS4, so it might have improved over my PrP2. Still, I do most of my Slideshows in PrP2. I do not use random pans/zooms, so I have a script beforehand for each image. I resize in Photoshop first. I found that PS's re-sizing algorithms were better than those in PrP2. I size exactly as is needed for each image.

                        If I shoot the images, I have the 16-bit RAW image to deal with, and Export the finals as .PSD's from PS, sized exactly as is necessary. These Import perfectly into PrP. If you have JPG's as original, you can try either .PSD's, or .TIFF's, especially if you are re-sizing. However, depending on the JPEG settings, the "damage" might have already been done. Because I am first an advertising still photographer, I always start with the ultimate images. If clients are handing off the material, you have far less control.

                        There is also a discussion ongoing in the PrP2 forum: See This Article

                        There are some suggestions in it, that *might* benefit you.

                        Good luck,