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    Where is the original date recored in metadata Pro and Bridge

      I am looking for the original date that DV video was recorded. All I am seeing after a capture is the date of the capture. Is there some setting to make sure that the date of the original recording is captured? Is there some bridge menu/option to show the date if it is already there. I using WinDV to capture DV video and it put the date in the file name of each scene, but I am having other issues with WinDV now and think that the metadata of Bridge is in a more useful format than the file name process. Thank you. I have searched the instructions and forums for both CS3 and CS4 and cannot find where this is described as possible.
      Currently I am using CS3 Premier Pro and Bridge
      Windows XP
      If this is only available in CS4, this would probably be enough of a reason to move to CS4.