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    Video Noise plugin

    Curt Wrigley Level 4
      Ive "aquired" soem hdv footage that was shot inside with very high GAIN ergo there is lots of grain/video noise.

      Im trying the Neat plugin for Pr which seems decent. Anyone have experience with any other noise reduction techniques?

      IN DV world i could get away with stacking copys of clips, bluring the top one and applying screen with low opacity. But with hd the grain seems a bit harder to hide.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I've only used the Neat plug-in AND in PP2. I find it to work pretty well, especially if one has enough "blank" area to sample properly, and then things to not change too much. In PP2, it's a tad slow to Render, but not that bad. If I were shooting with its use in mind, I'd also capture a grey-card (or maybe a blank wall in the scene) at the head of each major lighting change. Unfortunately, one often does not KNOW that they might have to use it.

          Don't have experience with any others - sorry.

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            Level 1
            The remove grain filter in After Effects works very well.
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              Dan Isaacs Level 2
              Hey Curt --

              If you're stuck on this I've got some ideas for you. However, you'll need to render intermediary AVI files, and uncompressed is way too large for HD.

              Do you have the Cineform codec or something like it? Also, how much footage (how many minutes) are you looking to process?

              You can email me @ d.isaacs --at-- comcast --dot-- net if you'd like my help.

              -- Dan
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                i work often with remove grain filter in After Effects and like it.

                But since i work with HD i have noticed several time problem. My problem comes when i downscaling my HD footage to SD with after effects. When i try to apply remove grain filter on my new SD footage (downscale HD with After fx) nothing change. i tried several codec (.avi, .m2v even images sequences) for my downscaling without have change when i apply remove grain filter. When i apply remove grain filter on one image (still picture) of my sequence image i exported that run ! Could someone explain me what the problem ?

                We can notice in CS4 that filter "remove grain" disapears in Adobe media encoder. Now the only one filter is gaussian blur.... bad new.

                Thanks and sorry for my english.