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    Exporting h.264 with CS4 vs CS3

      Maybe I'm just dumb and this is an easy question....I'm not sure, but here goes:

      I had a project in Premiere Pro CS3, a music video. I'm used to exporting videos as quicktime with an h.264 codec for online streaming from CS3, and they always looked great. A lot of websites cap video uploads to 500MB or a gig, so it was a perfect way to get a high quality video on the net. The 3 minute music video I was working on became a great looking 450MB h.264 movie.

      With CS4 and the adobe media encoder, things are a bit different. I export as a quicktime movie with the h.264 codec, at the same settings (100% quality) but it looks awful. The same music video was around 80MB and didn't look anywhere near the quality of same video exported from CS3. I've tried a number of options and presets, and havn't been able to get the same quality or size file.

      I even checked both files in G-Spot codec reader (great tool) and they were the exact same AVC1-h.264 codec.

      What is happening here? Is the codec somehow used differently in CS4 than in CS3? Is there something I'm not doing to get a high quality h.264 movie out of CS4?