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    Disappointed Stuttering .MTS Files In Program View Before Render

      AVCHD, MTS files on my CS4 Premiere Pro. In the program monitor, when I am trying to make tight edits and add effects in specific spots, the video is stuttering as if I haven't enough power.
      I just got a dell XPS 730, INTEL Core2 processor 2.83, 1333 FSB, quad core 12 MB of cache, Dual NVidia GeForce 9800GT Scalable Link Interface video cards, 4GB of DDR3 SDRAM at 1333 MHz. The hard drive is a SATA 2 at 7200 RPM.

      When I render the video, it plays okay, but I have enough power to watch it smoothly on the program monitor as I edit. What is the problem?

      A few years ago I had a very small computer and Premiere 7.0 and I had no problems.
      I called tech support and they were clueless. They sent me from India (2 levels) to the States, a 3rd level.

      I need smooth video BEFORE I render. What can I do??
      P.S. The video (.MTS) plays fine on Windows Media Player.

      I have Vista Ultimate.