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    Problems Editing off external Drive


      Im having major problems editing DV and mini DV footage off External Hard drives in CS4 (Due to the amount of weddings my company does, keeping all our weddings on the Disk drive is impossible) Its connected via USB 2.0, and the playback in premeire is very choppy and laggy.

      The same footage and drives work fine in CS3, its just using CS4 that makes it really crappy.

      Anyone use external drives while editing in CS4? And does it work fine? Did you have to do anything to fine tune your system so you could work off them?

      Oh, system specs are

      Windows Vista 64 Bit
      Core 2 Quad Q6700 (K) 2.66 GHz
      8 gigs of Ram
      Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT

      Should defiently be sufficent enough for editing DV footage.

      Thanks for your help.