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    where to start

      I am a new owner of CS4 and would like to know where I should start. Tutorials seem to fast and over my head. Where should I start from scratch learning premiere pro system?
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Start with the manual so you understand the basics of a workflow, then watch some basic tutorials and try to repeat those steps. Try, make mistakes, try to solve those mistakes, try again, make lesser mistakes and you are on your way. Eddie has a lot of links to various tutorials. Maybe have a look at Total Training for PP.
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            FAQ:Where do I start?


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              Jim_Simon Level 9
              >Tutorials seem to fast and over my head.

              Three suggestions. First, go in the proper sequence. You don't want to be watching an advanced tutorial if you're still struggling with the basics. Second, try everything that you watch. Don't move on to the next tutorial until you've actually tried what's being talked about in the current one, no matter how simple it is. Third, always look up any words you don't fully understand. This applies to everyday words as well as technical jargon. You'd be surprised how many people ca't define some very common words. (As a rule of thumb, if you can't come up with a definition within three seconds, you should look it up in the dictionary.)
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                the_wine_snob Level 9
                As Harm says, the manual should be your first read. It will go a long way to helping you with Jim's suggestion. If you do not know the terms, and how they are used, you will remain lost. I do wish that there was a complete glossary of the terms used in NLE's in general and one specific to Premiere (not all programs call the same thing, by the same name/term). F1 (the Help files) is another good place to go after the manual. It "fleshes out" some of the concepts in the manual, and can be used as a rough glossary of the terms. Unfotunately, Webster, et al, has not been updated with NLE's in mind. If you get lucky, the word/term might be there, as it applies to cinema. Still, I had to completely relearn the terms from a cinema background, and still get lost. The forums are good about helping get the terms right, especially as many grew up in an NLE world.

                I find the "Adobe Classroom in a Book" series a good place to go, after the manual and F1. I am less an AV-tutorial guy, and like to have a real book in hand, but I'm horribly old-school. I know that there is a new "CiaB CS4" in the works, as a major contributor here is working closely on it authoring. Do not know the release date, however.

                Eddie's "How Things Are Done In Premiere" tutorials (he did not produce them all, but keeps a good record of them, and helpfully points to them in many of his posts) will get you started. As others point out, start with the basics. Watch them all of the way through. Start them over and begin working, step-by-step, until you can do THAT in your sleep. Move on to the next and the next. You might even want to download many and burn to a DVD so you can watch them over dinner, instead of the TV feed.

                Welcome to the wonderful world of Premiere,