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    Issue with the use of still images

      I am trying to use a trial version of Premiere Pro CS4 to create a video for a Uni assignment. I want to use a bunch of still images of an interface I have designed in Paint Shop Pro X2. The problem I’m having: the output of Premiere (also including previews) shows very poor quality of the images. The video quality is that bad, it’s unusable. The video is only to be displayed using a computer (so not for TVs). I’ve tried everything I can think of; including, matching the still image resolution to the video resolution, playing with pixel ratios i.e. 1.0 / 0.9 etc, various file formats such as bmp / png / psd / tiff etc, playing with ‘default scale to frame size’ option, and different media output combinations of Premiere.

      Here is an example image of what it should look like:

      Here is what Premiere does to the output of the image:

      Anyone got any suggestions? I don’t care how big the video file is in the end as long as the video quality mirrors the original still images.