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    Playback stops working randomly

      I am using Premiere Pro CS4 trial version on a Lenovo T60p thinkpad running Windows XP. I created a project using the NTSC - 48kHz preset. All I'm doing is dropping in mp3s and pictures to make a basic slideshow. What is happening is that sometimes the play button on the source monitor and program monitor does nothing. I hit it and it toggles to the stop button, but the current time does not move forward and absolutely nothing happens/plays. Then I'll choose to render the work area, and nothing happens when it's done rendering (no playback). I can go out to the temp files and see that the project was rendered, but nothing plays in Premiere. Finally, I'll drag the current time indicator in the timeline panel, and the picture in the program monitor will change, but there is no audio. If I stop trying to use all of this for a while and go off and do other work on my laptop (use the web browser, microsoft word, whatever), when I come back it will sometimes just randomly start working again. I used it for hours last night and everything worked just fine. Then I tried to use it again this morning without touching anything and it had stopped working again. Closing and reopening the project does not help. Restarting my computer does not help. Any ideas??? It doesn't seem like an issue with my settings since it works sometimes and not others. Thanks so much for any thoughts!