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    CS4 Parallel Install to CS3?

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      Is it possible to install CS4 in parallel without removing CS3?

      Reason for the question is because I'm reading that CS4 can't import CS3 projects properly, necessitating a year or so transition period for all older CS3 projects to die off or be rebuilt in CS4 over time.

      I am wondering if installation of CS4 will affect the licensing or common shared DLL resources of CS3? Can I install the newer version with no negative impact on the older version?
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          This has always been so in the past, and I imagine will be true here as well. The only caveat I know of is that removing CS3 incorrectly removes registry entries needed by CS4. This should be corrected in the first CS4 update.
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            If something breaks a year down the road when CS3 is removed, I suppose one could reinstall CS4 (I wonder if they would have a 'repair install' like MS Office) to fix it, yes?
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              I imagine the first update will be hear long before a year, in which case this should become a non-issue.
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                I uninstalled CS3 entirely, installed CS4, then installed CS3.

                Everything seems to be working fine, and it saved my settings, presets, and product activation status for CS3.

                The only hickup with running both of them is if you need to repair / add components to CS3.
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                  (Africanada) Level 1
                  All Adobe programs work seperately and one can install all versions on the same machine with no problems. Although the latest is always the default, you can always decide which version you want to use.
                  All the versions have something missing from the previous one, so to maintain your editing habits keep all.
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                    Thanks. That's useful information. I have plenty of disc space, so I don't mind having two versions in parallel, as needed, if they don't clobber eachother and cause system problems. I'll go for the parallel install.
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                      Curt Wrigley Level 4
                      > All the versions have something missing from the previous one, so to maintain your editing habits keep all.

                      While technically possible, IMHO this is a bad strategy. Sometimes we need to learn new "habits".

                      While some releases may leave out specific functions you may be used to, in the long run each new release is better overall. So, clinging to the past releases will prevent you from fully taking advantage of the new features / workflows introduced in each new release.

                      What I do, is finish all old projects in the CS3 (in this case) install CS4, and after a couple months overlap get rid of CS3.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        I agree, in part. With Photoshop, I always kept the older version (especially if there were big interface changes), while I "learned" the newer one. This paid dividends when a client would call with some RUSH project. I'd just grab my old friend and get the work out, then get back to learning the new stuff. If a deadline was adequate, I'd always start the project in the newest version to speed the learning process along, but only if time permitted.

                        For one client's special needs on about one job per year, I even still have PS 4, because changes in PS 5 and on, did some things differently for her client's commercial printer. However, now when I have to fire up PS4, I have to almost re-learn it. It is no longer my "old friend... "

                        IIRC, I've had up to five versions of PS on one machine. Never a conflict. All of these installs were incremented up by version #, so that PS4 was already installed, when PS5, etc. was installed. Do not think I've ever gone back and added an older version. I would *speculate* that Premiere is pretty much the same as PS, but cannot say definitively.

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                          In past upgrades, I used to do "out with the old, in with the new" --interface changes never bother me. And prior versions could read earlier versions' project files. But the word here is that CS4 has problems with CS3 projects, so for us it's a choice of waiting possibly years for all old projects to go completely dead, while making new projects in CS4, or telling clients that we just changed the system and can no longer do reworks on old projects. About 20% of our work involves opening legacy projects and doing an updated edit, adding some new elements, etc. IOW, we're always stuck in perpetual backwardsland. A clean break from CS3 means we need to read CS3 files in CS4 from time to time. It's bad news that some are saying you can't import CS3 files and save as CS4 and expect it to work on the next file open. That's why parallel installation may be a necessary evil this time around.