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    WAS excited

    pabGA Level 1
      I couldn't wait to get CS4. I even bought a new, top of the line, incredibly fast computer anxious to take advantage of all the new and wonderful features in CS4. I have been reading a lot of disappointing posts about the current edition. I am beginning to believe that I don't want to wade into CS4 until AT LEAST the first update. Am I right to be so cautious? Am I only hearing from folks who have particular hardware/software issues. Or is CS4 not ready for "prime time". I would really appreciate your honest answers.
      Thanks in advance.
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          I can't speak for anyone else, but I am very much enjoying CS4. Sure there a few new things to get use to, but there are no bugs that are really stopping me from getting work done. Truth be told, with the new encoder, I'm actually getting more done!

          When the first update does come out, it'll just be that much better. But if I had to cast a vote, I'd say go for it if the new features will enhance your workflow. If CS3 is suiting you fine, and you don't need any of the upgrades, then I'd say stick with that.

          And if you can run it on Vista 64...wow, what a difference! Sooooo much better!
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            shooternz Level 6
            I concur ...except I am running it with XP32.
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Don't let all the messages here fool you. You will never hear the success stories here, only complaints. Also bear in mind that a large part of those complaints and questions come from noobs, who have never opened the manual or help file, who have never worked with NLE, use hardware setups that do not meet requirements or are otherwise severely limited in their grasp of what is required for NLE in general and PP in particular.

              I would go for CS4 without a doubt, provided you have the hardware to use it effectively.
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                joshtownsend Level 2
                Wait for the update or just use CS3. Better yet download the trial and see if you can live with it. What new features make you want CS4 instead of CS3?
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                  The main reason I upgraded to CS4 is due to the improved dynamic link features (which are terrific) and it's "support" for AVCHD editing. I love the dynamic link but AVCHD editing is sub-par at best, even on a fully loaded machine. But overall I'm happy I made the jump.
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                    Dan Isaacs Level 2
                    > Wait for the update or just use CS3.

                    I agree. I have confidence that Adobe will address some MAJOR issues in the next patch.
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                      Curt Wrigley Level 4
                      I am enjoying the great new features, and at least in my environment cs4 makes me more productive.
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                        pabGA Level 1
                        Thanks for your responses, folks.
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                          Not a complaint, but if you work on a Matrox system there are no support drivers available yet from Matrox; so you cannot use CS4 without needing to re-render all previous projects and without the use of a Video Preview Monitor yet. Bit of a bummer after installing the program, but I'm sure the new features will make CS4 much faster than previous versions.
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                            Sheri Codiana Level 1
                            Patrick, your wait is over for an update!
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                              pabGA Level 1
                              Purchased update. Loaded and updated on XP Pro. Everything is working just like it is suppose to -- at least the features I have used thus far. No problems with installation or subsequent updates. Next step, load on Vista 64. Only complaint is commonly heard one: simple Frame Capture.
                              Thanks, all!
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                                Don't be taken in by the odd user who manages to get PPro to work. Use common sense. Read the messages. This software release is virtually useless on numerous machines and across the board specs and OS's.

                                Not everyone experiencing difficulties is a "noob".

                                Avoid this release like the plague!
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                                  I got it working on a 3.5GHz quad core with 4GB RAM and a GF 8800GTS, but it runs as if it were on a 1GHz single core system.
                                  For the most part, the programs run, except AE, which crashes any time I move the pointer in the timeline, but video playback is dog-slow and CPU utilization is very low.

                                  The slowness is really the biggest issue that plagues me and prevents me from using CS4 for production work. It is not ready for prime time.

                                  Another problem is that the new Media Encoder is 3X slower at encoding than the one in CS3. The CS3 encoder takes about a minute to render each minute of video. The encoder on CS4 took 6:12 to render a 1:02 clip. With 2-3 hour video long form renders, this is NOT going to be acceptable.
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                                    Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                    > Don't be taken in by the odd user who manages to get PPro to work

                                    There's some interesting advise. Assume a few people on a user forum (where you report problems) outnumber the 1000s who are quietly making money running CS4.
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                                      "1000s who are quietly making money running CS4"

                                      I have a bridge I'd like to sell you - oh and btw, pigs fly too!

                                      Let's not brush under the carpet all those experiencing problems. Clearly they are real and from users of all kinds of specs and operating systems.

                                      It doesn't do anyone any good to try to belittle those who have shelled out cash (and more importantly, wasted time) for CS4 when CS3 and other versions work.
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                                        pabGA Level 1
                                        Nor, Collin, does it do anyone any good to try to belittle those who have not had any serious problems with CS4. I resented your statement: "Don't be taken in by the odd user who manages to get PPro to work." I was reporting my own experience and have absolutely NOTHING to profit from someone upgrading to CS4. Sorry about your problems. Continue to enjoy CS3.
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                                          joshtownsend Level 2
                                          Agreed. This last week I got a lot more done with CS3 than I did for a few weeks and dealing with the CS4 *cough* beta. Can't wait for the next patch.