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    Regarding the Title Bar

      I recently got Premiere pro cs4. I was wondering if there is anyway, be it by other 3rd party software, to hide the title bar in Premiere.

      I wish to do this because i have a program called Objectbar installed. Which acts as a second title bar for any program. Similar to the Mac menu bar. Gets a bit annoying if i have to look at two menus right on top of each other.

      -Thanks in advance.
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          Jeff Bellune Level 5
          Adobe apps have historically ignored *any* commands from ObjectBar. And in the rare cases where they did "respect" OB's title/menu bar arrangement, strange behavior and app hangs were often the result.

          I tried really hard to make my PC look like a Mac several years ago. It was always "close, but no cigar" with a ton of small issues and irritations to try to work around.

          I finally decided to customize Windows to look the best it could look while keeping the Windows paradigm. Now that I'm on Vista 64 with strong CPU hardware and more RAM than I've ever had before, I don't have any Stardock apps installed. Not even my favorite, ObjectDock Plus.

          "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's"

          IOw, if you want a Mac UI, and Mac UI behavior, then buy a Mac. Celebrate and enjoy Windows for what it is. With Stardock's help, you can do all kinds of amazing things that will make Windows far more attractive and functional than OSX will ever be for the Mac.

          IMHO, of course. :)

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            Level 1
            Actually, my Objectbar version does seem to work my with my Premiere CS4 only. Photoshop ignores it.

            I do enjoy windows. However the UI is not as "easy on the eyes" as my macbook, in my opinion. I'm not trying to achieve a perfect mac emulation look. Just something close that can at least match my macbook. That's a bit off topic however, all I am trying to do is to find out if hiding the title bar is even possible.

            Thanks for the response by the way, cheers.
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              TradeWind Level 3
              Check out Rocketdock, it's pretty cool.
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                Level 1
                Yes, I've used rocketdock in the past but im not looking to make my xp look like mac right now. Just need to find if hiding he title bar is even possible.

                thanks again