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    Need Advice: Which Camera 4 Capturing HDTV & Flipping Monitor Horizontally

      I have CS4 Premiere and need to buy an HDTV camera and have questions how to achieve the following:

      1) Capture hours of continous video direct to PC hard drive without stopping.
      2) Display in real time a monitor image with the video flipped horizontally on a consumer LCD HDTV, so the monitor image is reversed as if you were viewing yourself in a mirror (we're recording a makeup artist who is applying makeup to a woman and needs his monitor to reflect a mirror-like image)

      Any idea how to flip a monitor signal horizontally? I know how to do this in post production, but I need to do it on the realtime monitor feed from the camera.

      Your recommendations for HDTV camera that works well with CS4, probably feeding a USB-2.0 signal to the PC.

      Jonathan in Atlanta