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    2 Garbage Matte issues/bugs

      I am having 2 Garbage matte issues:

      1.) The end points on the garbage matte (four point and eight point - haven't tested 16 point) are offset from the actual area that they remove. Meaning that if I have my circular endpoint at one location, it actually begins masking it out around 100 (pixels?) to the left!

      This only happens sometimes - I've noticed it on my AVI video files sized 1440x900 (I did some screen recordings using Camtasia Studio, then used camtasia to render the raw file as an AVI which I then imported into Premiere - there should be no issues, as I've done similar things in Premiere Pro 2.0 with "frame blend" unchecked to maintain sharpness of image quality).

      I'm not sure what causes this to happen

      2.) The garbage matte is causing some videos to appear distorted. Does the garbage matte force some kind of option similar to frame blend or something? I have a video file (same one I used for the issue above, although these 2 issues can be seen for other video files as well) and when I apply a garbage matte to it - even without moving the endpoints to remove anything - the video gets distorted a little bit. It's only obvious when the video has text in it, because the text gets distorted.

      When I turn off the garbage matte, the video looks normal again. What's going on!? Does the garbage matte do something else as well?

      I'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit in a 1280x1024 square pixel resolution project.

      Thank you!