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    Rendering project messes up the program monitor display

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      When I have a project that is in 1280 by 1024 pixels with a 1.0 Square Pixel Ratio, editing works fine. However, once I render any portion of my timeline, the video appears to be stretched and offset in the video panel. Meaning, the video is not centered on the screen, and is pushed off to the side, so I can see only see the top left area of my video, and it is stretched instead of in the correct aspect ratio. When I click on the video screen or try to begin editing or delete the render files, it looks fine again. Also, even though the preview in Adobe Premiere Pro looks offset when rendered, the Adobe Media Encoder still encodes the video properly without it being offset. If you need pictures to see what I mean by "offset" and stretched, let me know as I will gladly email you screens of what I am seeing. This problem did NOT occur on a standard NTSC DV resolution (720 x 480 or something pixels)

      Also, when I delete the render files, the video displays correctly in the source/program monitor. Once I render the files again, the problem appears again.

      I am using Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit in a 1280x1024 square pixel project - this problem does not seem to exist in a regular 720x480 preset settings project.