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    Program Monitor Playback Quality, Pixel apect ratio correction and Hardware GPU Acceleration

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      I have a few doubts concerning playback quality in Premiere CS4:

      1- Where do I set the desktop display mode to "Accelerated GPU" as was available in CS3's "playback settings"?

      2- Why is the CS4 aspect ratio conversion so much worse than CS3? I've uploaded 2 comparative screenshots to illustrate this:

      CS3 screenshot:

      CS4 screenshot:

      Note for example the pixelated line on the double bass strings. I've tried setting the pixel aspect ratio conversion to all settings (none, hardware, software) and they all look this awful.

      3- Why does CS4 ask for so much more processing power than CS3 with the same DV SD footage? Can I tweak this in any way? If I set the quality to automatic it will always play as draft, and if I force it to High quality, it wont handle more than some 30s of smooth playback. CS3 would use high when set to automatic while even rendering better pixel aspect ratio conversion.

      My PC isn't top notch, it's an AMD Athlon 64 @ 2.21 GHz, 2GB RAM, SATA 1 HDs, ATI Radeon X700 256MB, but it was more than enough to work on DV SD footage in CS3.

      Any input you can share about these issues?