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    Changing duration of multiple clips?

      So, one of the touted features of CS4 over CS3 is its ability to change the duration of multiple clips at the same time, but I have yet to figure out how to do this. I tried selecting all the clips I wanted in the timeline, and I tried grouping the clips first, but changing the speed/duration only changes it for one of the clips.

      In that same vein, one of the other new features is the ability to apply effects to multiple clips. So, I grouped a set of clips together, and then dragged a video effect onto the group, highlighting the entire group as I did. But then it didn't appear in the effect controls window, and I had no way of changing it. Is there a way to apply ONE effect to multiple clips, and be able to change it later, instead of having to copy the effect to each clip?

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          It's works for me. If I lasso the clips, then drag the effect on lasso'd bunch, the effect is applied.

          You can put an effect on a clip change it like you want then copy it ctr-c. Lasso the clips you want and paste ctr-v. Click on a single clip and you'll see the effect with changes on it.

          When you select multiple clips the effect doesn't show up in the 'effects controls' box. You have to de-select then select a single clip to see the effect but it's there. Might have been misleading you.

          See guy's I'm not totally down on CS4's new features, this is one of that few that actually works and is a new feature.

          Personally I don't understand why there aren't adjustment layers in premiere like there are in Photoshop and AE. That would be a way better feature than 'save to multiple clips'.
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            Thanks for the reply!

            Yeah, I know about that technique. It's just really time-consuming, especially when I have many "groups" of clips, and I find myself making changes to the effects frequently.

            I agree that they should have the equivalent of adjustment layers; I can't see why they haven't added it yet.

            I know about making sub-sequences, but that really clutters up my project, and anyway, it doesn't work if the clips I want to group are spaced out across the timeline.