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    Support for FLV, Nellymoser Audio

      Trying to determine whether or not it is possible to import FLV files with nellymoser audio? I have been able to import FLV files but the audio will not come along. Is there support for Nellymoser audio and is that why I am not seeing any audio tracks? I know that the audio on the FLV is good. I tested it to be sure using Adboe Media Player.

      I have also tried to extracting the audio using Adobe Media Player but the MP3 is empty when it spits it out.

      Also when in Premiere CS4 after importing the FLV files the video seems to distort and make some crazy artifacts. I fear that this could be because of import settings but I cannot find any good documentation on importing FLV files, editing them, and then getting a quality FLV back out.

      Again I tested the video before I imported into Premiere and it was fine. After export it looked bad and the artifacts were running wild and the video was skippy.

      Any help in this are would be greatly appreciated. Are there plug-ins, workarounds, documentation that is actually helpful?

      Thanks for your time and any comments that may help solve the mystery. We are looking for an editor that truly supports raw FLV editing and exporting since that is the format we use daily for the web.