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    Been testing with my new Vista 64 install here's what I found

    joshtownsend Level 2
      Some one correct if I'm wrong but I've been doign alot of testing since adding Vista 64 to my computer. There's been alot of speculation about Vista 64 and possible benefits to premiere. From what I can tell there are none. Besides Photoshop being 64bit native.

      The 'Vista 64 difference' is only comes into play with After Effects because it can spawn multiple versions for each core using 3 gigs Ram each. (easily checkable in the Vista Task Manager)

      My question is why didn't hey make Adobe Media Encoder the same way?
      After effects doesn't make you render with AME and if you render an After Effects file in Vista 64 and with only 6 gigs of ram it renders a good bit faster than in Adobe Media Encoder.

      With this in mind, if you render your Premiere project with After Effect Dynamic linked files, it will render slower than if you imported the whole thing into After Effects and just did a render from there. Unless you want to make a DVD (you still can't encode MPEG with AE, probably a save money license thing).