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    Quicktime tests - how Quicktime renders different than CS3

    joshtownsend Level 2
      Ok I just rendered a bunch of video using different quicktime presets and various codecs. The h264's (in .mov wrappers) work like they did in CS3 there's just way more range. However the estimated file size is always way to small. 4,000k is fine for SD 6,000 for 720p and 10,000 for 1080p work the same as in CS3.

      Also if you pick a codec then click the the preset box (say to dv pal, or dv ntsc) it changes the codec back to that default. This doesn't work the same way other file types do - only changing output frame sizes. I can see this being confusing.

      When you render a quicktime the only codecs that you can change bitrate are h262-h264. Cinepack, mpeg-4 and Sorenson video.